D. Scott Dewald

President, Ergo Engineering
Optical Design consulting, opto-mechanical design. Expertise in DLP-based optical systems, imaging optics (visible and UV), lithography.

MSME, UCLA ('86): dynamics, heat transfer
BSAE, University of Michigan ('83): Aerospace


40+ Patents
2010 Scientific and Engineering Academy Award


Background and Experience

Former Director of Product Development, Schneider Optics, Inc.:
Digital Cinema development, optical design, supply chain, prototyping.

Former Optics technologist for DLP products of Texas Instruments:
Designed the optics for the first two generations of DLP Cinema projectors, several generations of DLP HDTV, and many other projection applications.

Former Optical design engineer for DLi Optics:
Designed, prototyped, and manufactured optical systems for display, industrial, imaging, lithography, and more, using DLP technology.

Former Applications Engineer for Tencor Instruments:
Patterned wafer inspection equipment.