Some Highlights and Recent Projects

Avegant Glyph

Designed illumination and projection optics for CES 2014 Best of Show technology.
August 26, 2014: USA Today article

CEL 5500 Projector

Designed illumination system and projection lens. Used in 3D printing, 3D measurement, display, and scientific applications. The base projection lens has less than 2 microns lateral color and can be corrected using two-element adapters for distortion less than 0.05%.

Anamorphic Cinema Lens Attachment

Anamorphic lens attachments for DLP Cinema. Allowed the original SXGA chip (1.25:1) to be projected as 1.85:1 or Cinemascope. Mechanical design and production by Isco-Optic. US Patent #5,930,050

Distortion Correcting Element

Distortion Correcting Lens element. Placed in front of a projection lens, this element corrects the distortion from approximately 2% (standard for business projectors), to less than 0.1% for use in a measurement system.

DLP Cinema Zoom Lens

Near diffraction limited, <3 microns lateral color over a 28mm image circle

Underwater Camera Lens

Lens adapter for use with thick glass dome. This adapter allowed a 10x zoom with very low distortion and HD resolution, revolutionizing underwater video. This camera was used to survey the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

HDTV Projection Lens

Over 90 degree field of view.


High resolution f/1.0 telecentric lens for imaging single photon events, e.g. neutrino interactions.

Photolithography Projection Optic

Image of DLP pixels, 20 microns wide at image plane, 365 nm.